The Pharaoh Ants are so hard to control because the queens need to eliminated. When spray or baits are used for the trialing ants, the queen will remain in the nest reproducing and making her colony even bigger than before.

Pharaoh Ants can become a nuisance before you realize that you even have a problem.  By the time the worker ant has reached the inside of your home/business the colony is well established.  This usually takes about 3 to 4 months. 

Each colony have over hundreds of queens and millions of workers.  Most times there is more then one colony established.

These ants feed on a variety of food such as crumbs on the counter, but they need protein, carbohydrates and fat to survive.  Pharaoh Ants will eat anything from dead insects to soap or cosmetics.

If you think you have Pharaoh Ants do not wait to call us. Remember the longer wait the bigger the colony will get.  239-272-6736.