The Ghost Ant can be identified by the workers running around erratically.  Obtaining their name from being very small in size about 1/32 of an inch and being very difficult to see.  While their abdomen and legs are very pale, its head and thorax are dark in color.  

Ghost ants create trials from a couple of hundred ants, along building foundations and walls.  They will nest outside in soil, dead trees and hollow cavities of plants.  Inside they will nest under cabinets, behind baseboards and inside wall voids.

Their colonies are a moderate size with thousands of workers and numerous queens.  Some of these queens will start new colonies called "budding".  Budding occurs when one or more reproductive queens, workers and brood (larvae and pupae), move from the original colony forming a new one.

Ghost ants need moisture conditions to thrive and eat honeydew and live or dead insects.

An exterior spray treatment combined with bait, controls the Ghost Ant.  Do not let these ants take over, we're here to help. 239-272-6736