The German Cockroach is usually found in kitchens, and bathrooms.  Favoring warm humid conditons, they are capable of living in any condition.  Being most active at night, the German Cockroach hide behind cabinets, appliances, wall voids and cupboards.

They have 2 longitudinal bands just behind its thorax (head).  These Cockroaches are about a 1/2 inch long, and are usually carried from place to place, in grocery bags, handbags or suitcases, and even between folds of clothing.

The German Cockroach has the highest reproduction rate among all the Cockroaches.  Females produce 30 to 50 eggs at one time.  They carry the capsules on the end of their abdomen for about 28 days.  After hatching, they reach adulthood in about 40 to 125 days.  Female German Cockroaches live about 200 days, producing 180 to 400 eggs or 6 to 8 capsules through out her life.

Sanitation and sealing as well as a good pest control treatment will help to eliminate this nuisance.

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