Egg- An adult flea loosely lays eggs on a host (your Pet).  The eggs DO NOT stick to its host, so when the your pet moves around, shakes or even scratches the eggs are scattered throughout your home. 

Larva- A whiteish wormlike, with chewing mouth parts, flea larva are non parasitic.  The main diet of larva is adult flea excrement, which contains dried blood.  They are very sensitive to temperature and only like low humidity. This stage usually lasts 7-15 days. 

Pupal- There is a cocoon that protects the pupa from predators and making it resilient to harsh conditions. During this stage the pupa change to pre-emerged adults.  If conditions are favorable , an adult flea will emerge.  This stage usually lasts 5-7 days. 

Adult-  After 24-48 hours emerging from the cocoon, they are ready for their first blood meal.  They have legs for jumping on its host.  An adult flea will spend 90% of their life on its host and they feed many times athroughout the day.  Female fleas are fertile for 10-14 days and will lay 15-20 eggs daily.

The only way an effective flea treatment to work is to treat the home, your pet(s), and yard.  If your furry family member travels in the car you, may want to treat that too.  Any stage of the fleas life can be carried throughout the house, by  a person or laundry.

On the day of service almost all adult fleas will be controlled.  Anywhere  from a few days to 3 weeks new fleas may possibly emerge.  This is because the new adults emerged from the pupa. Your pet(s) will need to bathed or groomed again and WILL need a preventative flea treatment. If you are unsure what to use, please feel free to ask us or your vet. If your pet is not being treated for fleas you will regularly see fleas. Even though your pet is infested, your home and yard are not.

If you have seen a flea on your furry family member DO NOT wait any longer to call us.  We are here to help you, your family members.  239-272-6736