The Crazy Ant is small in size, only about 1/10th inch long.  They are  brown to black in color and have a tremendous amount of energy.  They also have really long legs and antennas out of proportion to their body. 

The Crazy Ants nesting habits are very adaptable, sometimes they are found in the ground, mulch piles, dead logs or trees, small cracks, crevices voids, potted plants.  These Ants will nest in both moist and dry environments.  They wander around in search of food.  Preferring to feed on grease, other insects, and animal matter, they will easily eat sweets.  Workers will forge up to 100ft  in search of food for the colonies.

Crazy ants have numerous amounts of queens in each colony.  If living conditions become unfavorable they will move to another site.  Many colonies will split creating new colonies, this is called budding.  This happens when one or more queens and a group of workers split away from the original colony, forming a new colony.

Controlling these pests is a three step process. Correcting the contributing factors such as excess moisture, is the first step.  The second step is treating any existing colonies using baits and spray insecticides. The last step is to establish barriers of residual insecticide around the building, to prevent anymore Crazy Ant from entering.

This whole process takes some patience, and your help locating any colonies you may have noticed. 

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